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Glaucoma Testing and Treatment in Ardmore

Glaucoma is a condition that damages the optic nerve of the eye. This causes a buildup of pressure in the eye that often leads to blindness and problems with your eyesight. Older adults are more likely to develop this condition than younger ones. Glaucoma has few warning signs and often is not noticed until it is quite advanced. At Ardmore Premier Eye Care we know the importance of having an annual eye exam to catch glaucoma early and have it treated.

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Symptoms of Glaucoma

Glaucoma can cause some of the following symptoms:

• Tunnel vision

• Blind spots in both eyes that affect the side and central vision

• Headaches often severe

• Pain in the eye

• Vision that is blurred

• Halos and eye redness

• Vomiting and nausea

It is suggested that adults over 40 be screened for glaucoma every four to five years. For patients over 65, it is best to be screened every two years.

Causes of Glaucoma and Types

It is caused by a damaged optic nerve and buildup of fluid in the eye that increases pressure. This fluid usually drains out of the eye but when it cannot pressure builds up causing problems. Glaucoma often runs in families. There are three kinds of glaucoma. They are angle closure, normal tension, and open angle.

Angle Closure Glaucoma is when the iris bulges out and stops the fluid in the eye from draining. Fluid cannot move through the eye and the pressure increases. It can occur suddenly or over time. It needs to be treated quickly. Normal tension glaucoma happens when your optic nerve is damaged and less blood is circulated to the optic nerve. Open-angle glaucoma is caused when some of the drainage is open and part of it is blocked causing pressure to build up in the eye. This pressure damages the optic nerve.

Some children and infants develop glaucoma. It is important for children to have early eye exams to find these diseases before they do too much damage. Pigmentary glaucoma is when granules of pigment build up blocking the fluid of your eye from draining.

What to Expect From Your Eye Doctor at Premier Eye Care

The doctor will probably ask you a series of question about symptoms and eye history. They will want to know your medical history and any medications you take. You will be given a comprehensive eye exam that includes several tests.

A tonometry test is used to measure the pressure of your eye. It measures the firmness of the surface. It helps the doctor measure the pressure a sign of glaucoma. The doctor will give you a topical anesthetic using eye drops. The device touches the cornea of your eye slightly measuring the firmness. There are several different types of devices used for this test. They all read the pressure in the eye. A visual field test may be given to check for loss of vision in certain areas of the eye. You must follow the instruction of the doctor carefully.

The doctor may measure the thickness of the cornea using a test called a pachymetry. It can be measured using an ultrasound or optical devices. This test shows when the eye is swollen. This can be a sign of glaucoma. Another test a gonioscopy measures the internal drainage system of the eye. The doctor uses a special lens that is placed on the eye allowing him to see the drainage system. It is a contact lens prism. He gives you a few numbing drops and puts the lenses on the eye and uses a light to look at the angle and drainage system in the eye.

Treatment of Glaucoma

Once the diagnosis is made, there are several different treatments available depending on the severity of glaucoma. Often prescription eye drops are prescribed. They help with how the fluids drain from your eyes and decreasing the amount of fluid the eye makes. Our optometrist may prescribe oral medications with the drop if needed. When damage is more severe surgery may be scheduled. There have laser therapy, filtering surgery, and drainage tubes.

Make an Appointment with Ardmore Premier Eyecare

Make an appointment with the optometrist in Ardmore OK to schedule an eye exam with glaucoma testing. We want to help you continue to have good eye health. Call (580) 223-8585.


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