Cataract Awareness

Cataracts are an eye condition which results from too much exposure to ultraviolet rays which affects the lens. A cloud-like glare occurs which lowers contrast and image formation at the retina and it will require optometry to be identified. If this condition is not treated early, you may end up affecting your vision through partial blindness. However, at Ardmore Premiere Eyecare in Ardmore, OK, we offer reputable eye care services to all our customers.

Importance Of Cataract AwarenessĀ 

Awareness of cataracts will help you understand the need to protect your eyes. Awareness is also aimed at lowering the overall amount of cases of cataracts and reducing the risks of developing this condition. Your impaired vision will then be restored as a result of this awareness. You will also be advised on preventive measures for cataracts.

Ways In Which You Can Keep Your Eyes Healthy

You should avoid the risk factors at all costs. Tobacco and alcohol use, sunlight exposure for long, and diabetes are some of the risk factors identified for cataracts. If you avoid all these risk factors, then you can have a better chance of living to old age without experiencing cataracts.

You are required to seek eye services and eye medical check-ups regularly. Your condition will be treated either by performing surgical operations on your eyes or prescribing sunglasses for you. Optometry helps in the elimination of the affected retinal lenses and in the use of artificial lenses to replace them.


You should find the best sunglasses that will protect your eyes from ultraviolet sun rays. At Ardmore Premiere Eyecare, we have opticians who will examine your eyes and prescribe sunglasses for you. You should look for sunglasses that can protect against all ultraviolet radiation, which will protect your eyes the best from solar radiation. You are advised to wear sunglasses especially during the summer when these radiations are much stronger, however, you should try to wear them even during other seasons because there is always sunlight.

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