Comprehensive Eye Care

Proper eye care is necessary to maintain healthy vision. Failure to do so could result in vision loss over time. Fortunately, Ardmore Premiere Eyecare in Ardmore, OK is here to help you with all of your eye care needs. Read on to find out more about the services that we offer our patients and how they can help you.

Eye and Vision Exams

Our eye doctor will be able to assess and determine the health of your eyes and vision after undergoing one of our comprehensive eye exams. This will determine what course of action is best to remedy any problems that are happening to your eyes if problems present themselves. Regular eye exams are important to ensure that your eyes are functioning properly and will determine if any medical problems are beginning to develop.

Contact Lens Exams and Fittings

There is no one size fits all contact lens that will fit 100% every time. We will determine if contact lenses are right for you and find the best fitting for your eyes. We provide a variety of different types of contact lenses that are tailor-fit just for you.

Prescription Eyeglasses and Sunglasses

Oftentimes, individuals will find themselves needed a pair of prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses for outdoor wear. We provide patients with prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses for their vision needs. We run a routine exam to determine the best pair for you.

Surgical Corrective Management for Eye Care

In some extreme cases, corrective eye surgery is needed to improve an individual’s vision. We provide corrective surgery for individuals who require more to fix their vision. Our services are safe and performed by licensed professionals.

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Going to see the eye doctor shouldn’t be something someone is afraid of. Ardmore Premiere Eyecare in Ardmore, OK is here to help restore your vision back to the way it was with our products and services that we have available at your convenience. Our friendly staff of eye care professionals is here to help you with all of your vision needs. Give us a call at (580) 223-8585 to schedule your professional consultation today to take the step in the right direction to maintain and improve your vision when it begins to fade.

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