Dry Eye Treatment at Ardmore Premiere Eye Care

If your eyes are uncomfortable you may need to find an Optometrist in Ardmore OK. An optometrist can take a look at your eyes, diagnose the problem and then help to treat you. If you are diagnosed with dry eye, you may be wondering how you will be treated. Here is some information on dry eye and how Ardmore Premier Eye Care can help diagnose and treat you.

Diagnosing Dry Eyes

Dry eye is a condition that occurs when an individual does not have enough moisture to fully lubricate and nourish. Tears provide this moisture, nurturing the front of the eye and helping to provide clear vision. If you have dry eye, your vision can be affected, as such, it is important to get this condition treated. If you have been diagnosed with dry eyes, you are not alone. This is a very common eye problem, especially in seniors.

Causes of Dry Eyes

There are a few different causes for dry eye. The first is aging. As you age, your body naturally has less moisture and thus, has the ability to produce less tears. The second cause of dry eyes includes tear gland failure. If tear glands are blocked or damaged, you may have dry eye. If you have a neurological condition, this condition may affect your tear duct, which in turn causes dry eyes. Lastly, wearing contacts can cause dry eyes in some patients. This is more common when the contacts are ill-fitting.

Symptoms of Dry Eyes

Dry eyes have many symptoms associated with it. Many people who may be encountering dry eyes my find themselves having a combinations of symptoms in their eyes. These include the following:

• Blurry vision

• Burning and stinging

• Difficulty putting in and wearing contact lenses

• Eye irritation

• Eye itching and scratchiness

• Light sensitivity

• A sand-like sensation in the eye

How Our Optometrists Diagnose Dry Eye

An optometrist will look at many factors when determining if you have dry eye. First, they will ask you about your symptoms and see if they align with dry eye. If your symptoms do line up with dry eye, the optometrist will likely look at the eye gland and the tear duct and determine if you are able to produce tears and if the tears you produce provide enough moisture. Based on the outcome of this exam, you may be diagnosed with dry eye.

How Our Optometrists Can Help Prevent, Manage and Treat Dry Eye

If you are diagnosed with dry eye, there are a variety of methods that can be used to help prevent, manage and treat dry eye.

One of the first treatments will typically be eye drops. There are different kinds of eye drops available, including cyclosporine A 0.5% drops, corticosteroid drops and antibiotic drops. If an optometrist feels that the dry eye is caused by an infection, oral antibiotics may also be prescribed in conjunction with eye drops.

If eye drops and antibiotics don’t help your dry eye, there are other treatments that may be offered to you. LipiFlow is a procedure that uses heat to help open up clogged tear ducts and get your tears flowing again. Punctal occlusion is a procedure that involves draining the tears from your tear ducts. When done repeatedly, it helps you to build up a large tear reserve, which may help to prevent dry eye. Lateral tarsorrhaphy involves sewing part of the eyelid down to reduce the amount of exposed eye, helping to prevent dry eye.

Get Relief From Our Ardmore Optometrist

Do you suspect you are suffering from dry eye? This is a condition that can easily be treated, so there is no reason to sit and be uncomfortable. If you are suffering from dry eye and need an optometrist in Ardmore OK to take a look or treat it, contact Ardmore Premier Eye Care. We can help you with all of your dry eye and optometry needs. Call us at (580) 223-8585 to schedule an appointment today.