Maintaining Healthy Vision

As much as your ocular health should always be a priority, healthy vision awareness at Ardmore Premier Eyecare in Ardmore, OK is all about looking into areas of the eye that you might have neglected. With this in mind, we have taken it upon ourselves to make the most of this initiative.

Eye Services

We offer a variety of eye services that have changed the lives of residents from Ardmore. Healthy vision awareness is crucial as it helps improve the eyesight of people of all ages. Clinical check-ups are opened for the sole purpose of educating individuals on the importance of adequate eye care. We focus entirely on the good health of your eyes and encourage our patients to make the most out of it. Our useful equipment makes it easier for us to carry out our operations within our scheduled times. Technology has always been at the core of the treatment methods that we offer our patients.

Our Services

Rather than depend on the services of your average eye doctor, we encourage you to try something out of the ordinary. At Ardmore Premier Eyecare, we are more than happy to serve our clients and patients in the unique ways possible. We have been in the eyewear field for a significant period of years and have established a selection of eyeglasses including sunglasses. Most people are not as keen when it comes to choosing a pair of eyewear. Our team of eye care experts is there to see you through and help you pick glasses that are suitable for your eyesight. Our optometry facility gets better every day especially with the use of technology. We use outstanding radiofrequency equipment to improve the kind of services that we offer.

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We love to serve our patients, so be sure to book an appointment with our team as soon as possible. Call us today at 580-223-8585 or visit us at 1201 Kiowa Street NW Suite A Ardmore, OK 73401 to know more about what we are all about.

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