Proper eye care is important for people of all ages and regular eye exams are encouraged for everyone, but especially for those already using glasses or contact lenses. Your vision plays a vital role in your life each and every day, which is why it is so important to take the right steps for maintaining good eye health. At Ardmore Premier Eye Care, we provide a variety of services, from general exams to corrective surgery. We also carry a wide selection of eye frames for our patients as well.

  • Contact lenses
    From single-use disposable lenses to extended-wear or permanent options, we can fit you with the perfect contact lenses for your daily needs.
  • Specialty contact lenses
    If you thought you could never wear contacts, think again. Our specialty contact lenses can provide comfortable vision correction for a variety of hard-to-fit-conditions.
  • Sunglasses/ RX Sunglasses
    Get your prescription or non-prescription sunglasses right here. Your Ardmore eye doctor can set you up with UV-blocking sunglasses in a variety of fashionable frames.
  • Premium Eyewear in Ardmore
    You’ll love our premium eyewear options in Ardmore, from our advanced lens coatings to our wide range of sleek designer frames for all ages.
  • State-of-the-Art Contact Lens Technology
    We use the latest diagnostic technologies in our contact lens exams, as well as state-of-the-art contact lens materials and vision correction options.
  • In-House Glasses Fabrication
    Our in-house glasses fabrication allows us to have your glasses ready for you more quickly while also ensuring that we can monitor the fabrication process personally for ultimate quality control.
  • Digital/Customized Measurements for Glasses
    Don’t settle for “generic” glasses. Your Ardmore eye doctor can take precise digital measurements and craft customized glasses that meet your specific vision correction needs.
  • Marco OPD
    Your Ardmore optometrist uses a Marco OPD Scan-III machine to evaluate exactly how incoming light enters your eye. The machine’s wavefront technology measures the refractive patterns down to the tiniest aberrations.
  • Optomap
    Optomap is a digital photography technique that takes a 3D picture of almost your entire eye’s interior. Your Ardmore optometrist uses this detailed color photo to check your retinal health.
  • OCT
    Ocular coherence tomography (OCT) creates cross-sectional images of your retinal tissue. This test can help us detect early signs of serious eye diseases.
  • Diopsys VEP/ERG
    Diposys VEP testing reveals how well your eyes and brain are communicating, while Diopsys ERG (electroretinopathy) testing displays details about your macular/retinal health and function.
  • Tonometer
    Our tonometer measures the fluid pressure inside your eyes. Unusually high fluid pressure readings can alert us to possible glaucoma.
  • Digital Refraction
    Our digital refraction technology reduces the potential for error in determining our corrective vision prescription while making the refractive testing process quicker and easier.
  • Ellman Radio Frequency Surgical Unit
    This surgical option uses radio frequency technology to treat tumors, skin lesions and droopy eyelids.
  • Pelleve Wrinkle Reduction
    Pelleve makes use of radio frequencies to smooth skin wrinkles quickly, comfortably and non-invasively.
  • Cosmetic Botox
    This FDA-approved procedure can help reduce those frown lines that make you appear unnaturally old, tired or angry.

If you have any questions about our services or procedures, please call us today at (580) 223-8585.