Are You Ready For Contact Lenses At Your Ardmore Optometrist?

Clear vision awaits you from behind contact lenses. Through state of the art technology, millions of people have improved their eyesight with the aid of contact lenses. Our Ardmore optometrist is ready to see if you are a candidate for optimizing your sight with contact lenses.

What To Expect During A Contact Lens Exam

During your visit, our Ardmore eye doctor will perform a complete eye care examination. If you are experiencing any acute or chronic ocular health concerns, this is the time to discuss those concerns with our doctor. At this time, we will also evaluate if you are experiencing any ocular health concerns such as astigmatism, nearsightedness, farsightedness or any other issues that may be occurring. Our Ardmore eye doctor will then test several lenses to see if any are a good fit for you.

Our aim is to offer eye care solutions that suit your lifestyle and needs so that you may see well now and in the future. While it may seem convenient to simply opt for contact lenses, our Ardmore optometrist will discuss whether or not contact lenses are the best option for you. If you experience any concerns such as allergies, recurrent infections or dry eyes you may be better suited with glasses.

Types Of Contact Lenses Available To You

Our Ardmore eye doctor will help you determine which type of contact lenses is ideal for you. There are daily disposables and longtime wear lenses. The state of your ocular immunity will help determine what type of lenses you will benefit most from. Cosmetic lenses may be an option for you as well if you are interested in enhancing your eye color. Cosmetic lenses are available to people who do not necessarily experience ocular health issues. Our Ardmore eye doctor will still perform an eye exam to determine if you are a candidate for this type of lens.

Determining Contact Lens Fit With Our Admore Eye Doctor

A tonometer is an instrument used to measure the curve and size of the cornea to determine the best personal fit for contact lenses. Gas permeable or rigid contact lenses will be chosen based on our doctor’s recommendation after measuring your eyes and taking into account any other ocular concerns you may be experiencing. The size and shape of your eye will assist our Ardmore eye doctor to suggest whether or not a lens that moves as your eyes move is ideal or whether an immovable, rigid lens is best.

Are you ready to see clearer with contact lenses? Ardmore Premier Eyecare is a full-service optometry center serving the greater Ardmore area. We look forward to seeing you at a visit with us soon. Please call 580-223-8585 to schedule your visit or have us answer any questions you may have regarding contact lenses.