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Contact lenses offer a great deal of convenience as a means of vision correction — but that convenience can be harder to come by for some individuals. If you have a particular refractive prescription, eye disorder or lifestyle challenge that puts you in the “hard to fit” category of contact lens wearers, don’t despair. Our optometrist at Ardmore Premier Eyecare can provide a number of specialized contact lens options for your particular needs, including the most sophisticated choices in scleral and orthokeratology (ortho-k) lenses.

Why Your Eyes Are Hard to Fit

The term “hard to fit” can be applied to a variety of conditions and situations that might cause you to require something above and beyond the standard, “off the rack” soft contacts. While many people with uncomplicated nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism may find these standard-issue soft contacts perfectly fine for their needs, you may not get the desired comfort and effectiveness from such lenses, especially if:

  • Your eyes are sensitive to the proteins and other debris that love to gather on standard soft lenses
  • Your prescription is relatively strong or complex in nature
  • You have keratoconus or another condition that causes an irregular/bulging corneal shape
  • You have dry eye, a condition which is often worsened by ordinary soft lenses

State-of-the-Art Contact Lens Options for Special Needs

We can determine whether you have a hard to fit condition when you come in for your contact lens exam. Once we have evaluated your ocular health, vision prescription, and other factors, we can guide you toward the ideal specialized lenses for accurate, safe, comfortable vision correction. For instance, middle-aged patients with presbyopia usually need multifocal or mono focal lenses that can accommodate multiple viewing distances. Rigid gas permeable lenses offer the sharpest vision correction possible, even for very strong prescriptions — and the fact that they are less prone to collecting debris makes them a great choice for sensitive eyes. Ardmore Premier Eyecare is also proud to offer:

  • Essilor Pro-Look Scleral Contacts – Scleral contacts vault completely over the cornea, with their edges resting on the white of the eye (sclera). This provides a consistent, perfect curvature correction for corneal irregularities such as keratoconus. Scleral contacts are also good for dry eye sufferers because they provide a reservoir for tears. Our Pro-Look Scleral contacts can be fine-tuned for every part of your corneal curvature, including toric properties that ensure accurate correction for astigmatism.
  • Ortho-k – Ortho-k lenses help you avoid daytime irritation and dryness by avoiding daytime contacts altogether. These overnight lenses double as molds that painlessly reshape your corneas as you sleep. Simply wear them to bed as needed.

We Have Your Contact Lenses in Ardmore

Your hard to fit eyes pose no fears for Ardmore Premier Eyecare. Call 580-223-8585 to have us prepare your perfect contact lenses in Ardmore!