Ardmore Premier Eyecare  Discusses the Importance of Sports Vision

Sports vision training is a type of optometry that focuses on improving your abilities to develop your game. It helps athletes assess their eyes’ performance beyond the ability to read standard eye charts. Sport vision tests aid in improving your visual function. Ardmore Premier Eyecare offers extensive sports vision training in Ardmore, OK. Listed below are numerous benefits of Sports vision training.

Dynamic Visual Acuity

If your favorite sport is soccer or tennis, it is essential to distinguish objects while they are in motion. If you have poor dynamic visual acuity, you may not enjoy the game. It helps in identifying other athletes in the field.

Eye-Hand-Body Coordination

Eye-hand-body coordination refers to how your body, feet, and hand react to information that your eyes gather. It is critical in most sports as it affects an athlete’s body control and timing.

Visual Memory

When an athlete takes a break from a basketball court, it is vital to process and recall a clear image of spectators and objects. It is referred to as visual memory. Athletes with a sharp visual memory tend to be in the right place at all times.


Visualization helps you imagine performing a specific task while focusing your eyes on a particular object, especially the ball. Researchers recently applied scanning techniques, and they discovered that the part of the brain which functions when performing is useful when visualizing the performance.

Peripheral Vision

Peripheral vision helps you see your teammate from the corner of your eye. In a standard field, most activities do not occur directly ahead of you. By improving your peripheral vision, you can increase your ability to watch activities happening to your side without turning your head.

Tips on Keeping Your Eyes Healthy

Take specific measures to protect your eyes including:

  • Wear shades: Naturally, sunglasses protect a user’s eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays (UV). Prolonged exposure to UV rays leads to macular degeneration and cataracts. Choose shades which block most of the beams.
  • Safety eyewear: Safety glass are essential if you apply airborne materials at home. An eye injury can also result from ice hockey, lacrosse, and racquetball.
  • Do not stare at your computer screen: Staring at your phone or computer screen for long causes dry eyes, blurry vision, blurry vision, back, shoulder and neck pain.
  • Healthy diet: Nutrients such as vitamins E and C, lutein, omega-3 fatty acids, and zinc protects you from visual disorders including cataracts and macular degeneration. An ideal diet comprises oysters, citrus fruits, eggs, nuts, oily fish and leafy vegetables such as collards.

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