Vision Testing and Eye Exams at Your Ardmore Optometrist

As a top-ranked Ardmore optometrist, Ardmore Premier Eyecare offers complete eye and vision exams aimed at helping patients enjoy clear vision and optimal eye health at every age. Our practice uses the most advanced techniques and technology to evaluate vision issues so the most appropriate treatment can be provided. And it all starts with a comprehensive eye exam.

Annual Eye Exam and Consultation

Having an annual eye exam plays an important role in preventing serious eye diseases that can cause permanent vision loss. A vision exam begins with a review of any symptoms the patient may be experiencing as well as a review of the patient’s medical history to look for risk factors for vision-related diseases. Some eye diseases, like glaucoma, can begin to cause permanent damage long before any symptoms occur. Having an annual eye exam helps ensure these issues are identified in their earliest stages, before they have a chance to cause permanent vision loss.

Eye and vision exams use a series of evaluations to evaluate your vision as well as the structure of the eyes. Evaluations use special charts to measure how well you see at different distances and under other conditions. Other tests evaluate color vision, depth perception, peripheral vision, and responsiveness to light, as well as the eye muscles and how well eyes “work” together to provide clear vision.

Maintaining Optimal Eye Health in Ardmore

In addition to assessing visual acuity (how well you see) and the function of the eye, our eye exams also use advanced technology to evaluate the health of the eye and the eyelids. Special techniques may be used to evaluate the health of the cornea, the clear “covering” of the eye, identifying problems like tiny corneal scratches or dry eye syndrome. In some cases, eye drops will be used to gently dilate the pupils, enabling us to see the light-sensitive retina at the back of the eye as well as the optic nerve head. Intraocular pressure may also be measured using a device called a tonometer, looking for increased pressures that could be an early warning sign of glaucoma.

Annual eye exams are especially important as you get older, and they’re also important for kids, helping prevent vision problems that can interfere with school performance and social and extracurricular activities. When a vision problem is diagnosed, we can provide patients with corrective lenses – either glasses or contact lenses – to address the vision deficit and provide clear vision for all sorts of tasks. Eye exercises may also be prescribed to help strengthen the muscles that contribute to eye movements.

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