Sports Eye Safety

Sports-related eye injuries occur in tens of thousands every year. A huge percentage of these injuries can be avoided by simply using protective eyewear. Knowing and getting the right eyewear can be quite confusing for most people thus requiring proper guidance. This is where Ardmore Premier Eyecare comes in. Our optometrist in Ardmore is highly qualified and ready to help you in all matters pertaining to sports vision. You will not only be guided on how to choose your ideal sports eyewear but on general eye care as well.

Importance of Sports Eye Safety

The most important reason for practicing eye safety is to prevent eye injuries. Several eye injuries can occur from sports-related activities. As much as some of the injuries may be minor and may take someone a short time to recover, others may have long-term effects like blindness. Sports injuries may damage the conjunctiva or cornea, leading to serious eye injuries and at times even complete loss of vision. Other injuries like scratched eye may cause less serious effects like discomfort or pain. To avoid all these complications, Ardmore Premier Eyecare advises every sports lover to practice proper eye safety. Our eye care services include proper sports vision gear advice and prescription.

What to Do to Avoid Eye Injuries

You now understand why sports eye safety is important. So, what should you do to avoid these injuries? The most vital step you should take is to always wear protective eyewear. If you are a parent, coach, or anyone responsible for a child participating in any sports activity, always ensure that they wear protective eyewear since children are the ones that are most affected by sports eye injuries. It doesn’t matter if the sport you are participating in is ‘safe’ or not. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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