Early Signs of Glaucoma

According to the Glaucoma Research Foundation, the progressive eye disease known as glaucoma is the leading cause of blindness in the U.S. This condition, which everyone is at risk for, stems from an abnormally high buildup of fluid in the eye. That buildup leads to elevated pressure, eventually leading to optic nerve damage. While there is currently no cure, it can often be controlled with surgery and/or medication. If you are exhibiting any of the following signs, contact the Ardmore Premier Eyecare team for a thorough optometry exam and treatment strategy.

What are the Early Symptoms of Glaucoma?

Since vision loss due to glaucoma can’t be reversed, annual eye exams are critical. If you notice any of the following early warning signs, don’t delay in seeking care from our optometry team.

  1. Eye pressure or pain – Pressure, sharp pains, or a dull ache signal that a visit to the eye doctor is in order.
  2. Hazy eyes – A cloudy cornea is often an early warning sign, particularly for childhood glaucoma.
  3. Loss of peripheral vision – Loss of sight around the edges of your visual field is typically the first sign of glaucoma.
  4. Vision loss – Can come on quickly or occur over time.
  5. Halos – Halos around lights, particularly during nighttime driving, or light sensitivity is often a sign of glaucoma.
  6. Chronic eye redness – While tired and red eyes can be a sign of infection or injury, it could also point towards the early stages of glaucoma.
  7. Severe pain in the head and/or eye – This is the most critical warning that you’re experiencing an acute glaucoma attack.
  8. Nausea – Nausea, coupled with eye pain, signal the need for immediate treatment.

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